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Does man struggles upwards - study on the law of talent flow

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.012


Jun Su

Corresponding Author

Jun Su


with the development of economic globalization, the flow of talents between regions is increasingly frequent, the introduction and loss of talents on the development of science and technology and the economy of various regions has a great impact. It is the basis of effective talent flow monitoring and scientific talent drainage policy to deeply study the problem of talent flow. Therefore, this paper will explore and analyze the law of talent flow in the form of literature review, and summarize the directional problem of talent flow. In this paper, "high" is defined as a region with high competitiveness. The purpose of this paper is to find out the rule of the direction of talent flow on the basis of the law of talent flow. In the process of research, it is found that the main influencing factors of talent flow include people's self-development, regional factors, human capital investment, and national policies and so on. At the same time, the flow of talent is not limited to the national scope, a combination of factors to expand the flow of talent to the global scope. Finally, the research concludes that the direction of talent flow is "people go higher".


Talent flow, Regional competitiveness, Talent attraction, Talent flow direction

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