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A Review of Team Psychological Capital Research

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.013


Suqin Shen, and Hui Tian

Corresponding Author

Suqin Shen


Team psychological capital reflects the consistency level of individual psychological capital. It is a collective positive psychological state formed by team members in coordination and interaction, and a collection of positive psychological capabilities that promote team development. This paper defines the connotation of team psychological capital through the study of related literature, and introduces the structure of team psychological capital: common vision, team effectiveness, team resilience, team optimism, and team belonging. Three measurement methods of team psychological capital are proposed: individual psychological capital sum method, individual evaluation average method, and overall discussion method. On this basis, this paper analyzes the antecedent and outcome variables of team psychological capital from the level of individual variables and organizational variables. Based on the theory of social infection and cognitive convergence, the formation mechanism of team psychological capital is analyzed, and the development and management measures of team psychological capital are finally put forward.


Psychological capital, Team, Competitive advantage

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