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Research on the Influence of the Combination of Blockchain and Supply Chain Finance on Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.018


Tingting Zheng, Lijun Yin

Corresponding Author

Tingting Zheng


As the most popular cutting-edge technology in the past two years, blockchain is essentially a multi-center, tamper-proof data structure and accounting method. At the moment of the epidemic, small, medium and micro-sized enterprises have difficulty in financing and weak ability to resist risks, which can easily lead to bankruptcy. The difficulty of financing for msmes and the mutual trust between financial institutions are the core pain points of supply chain finance. The block chain has the characteristics of data traceability and non-tampering, which is the key to solving the pain points of supply chain finance and saving msmes, and opens up a new market space in the supply chain finance industry.


Block chain, Supply chain finance, Small, medium and micro enterprises, Pain points

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