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Research on the Effectiveness of KMV Model in China's Bond Credit Rating Market

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.021


Tao Zou

Corresponding Author

Tao Zou


In recent years, China's bond market has experienced rapid development, but the pace of credit risk supervision has not kept up. Since 2014, the number of domestic credit bond defaults has increased. In 2016, there were 79 domestic default bonds, with a default amount of up to 40.3 billion yuan. From the perspective of domestic bond market credit risk supervision and early warning mechanism, rating is not objective, and tracking is not timely also rating methods are backward. Therefore, with the development of big data and other technologies, it is urgent to study credit risk supervision methods suitable for the domestic bond market. On the basis of combing the development of domestic bond market and analyzing the current situation of domestic credit rating, this paper combines the results of theoretical research at home and abroad, the information available in the domestic market, big data mining and automation technology, based on the financial and stock exchange information of listed companies, combined with BS option pricing theory, constructs KMV model.


Credit risk, KMV model, default distance

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