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Research on the Idea and Practice of Scientific Education Fusion of Famous Teachers in College and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/icettl.2018.71162


Liang Yan

Corresponding Author

Liang Yan


"Integration of science and education" is the idea of leading the reform of the talent training model for higher education. It advocates that college teachers correctly handle the relationship between teaching and research, update teaching content, change teaching methods, and reorient the objectives of undergraduate education. Based on the comparative analysis of questionnaires of famous teachers in colleges and universities and common teachers, it is found that the concept and practice of teaching and learning of famous teachers is almost independent of gender, teaching age, academic qualifications, types of colleges, and teaching subjects; the concept of scientific education integration and the practice of practice overall significantly better than ordinary teachers. However, there is a big gap between the concept recognition of the teacher and the action of the teacher, and there is no obvious advantage in the reform of teaching methods. It can be seen that the integration of science and education is conducive to the creation of high-level teachers. The personal efforts and ability of the teacher has made him perform better in handling the relationship between teaching and research and updating the content of the teaching. However, the lack of school organization culture, institutional environment and team building has weakened the desire and action of the teacher to change teaching methods.


Idea, practice, scientific education fusion, famous teachers, colleges and universities

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