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Application of Financial Mathematics in Marketing Trend Analysis

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DOI: 10.23977/WTED2020.028


Tianmeng Xiao, Yuqing Huang

Corresponding Author

Tianmeng Xiao


With the continuous expansion of the impact of the new economic era, China's competition in marketing is intensifying. If an enterprise wants to have a place in the fierce competition, it must continue to reform and innovate marketing strategies and establish advancing with the times. Marketing concept, actively learning new marketing methods to adapt to the continuously changing and changing market environment, so as to promote enterprises to improve their economic benefits and seek a better development path. This article takes Shanghai Liangxin Electric Co., Ltd. as an example. In the new economic era, the importance of marketing, marketing strategies, and marketing development were explored, and the company's business situation in the next three years was analyzed. The data was checked and processed using python, and the company was 2015 according to the ring-by-month analysis. -In 2017, each item of the balance sheet, profit statement and cash flow statement was analyzed for a quarter-on-quarter change, and then the financial statements of Shanghai Liangxin Electric Co., Ltd. were forecasted. The forecast results show that the company's return on equity in the next three years, Several indicators, such as total asset turnover rate and total asset return rate, have increased, indicating that companies areTo three years of operation it is getting better.


Marketing, strategy exploration, data mining, time series, Python, ridge regression

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