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Evaluation on the Sustainable Development of County in the Hilly Area of Northwest Sichuan from the Perspective of Niche

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62201


Linping Huang, Chunlong Cui, Qi Cao, Minghong Yu

Corresponding Author

Linping Huang


The construction of sustainable development system is an important basis for the scientific evaluation of coordinated development of urban economic, social and environmental conditions. Mianyang (2 District 6 County 1 city) is the representative of hilly northwestern county town in the underdeveloped level. Through the construction of niche suitability model, the sustainable development evaluation system of 18 indicators of the three subsystems of economy, society and environment is established, and comprehensive evaluation of ecologically sustainable and coordinated development of counties in Mianyang is conducted. The results show that the economic niche is the best in the central plain area, and the ecological niche is the best in hilly and mountainous areas, while the comprehensive niche of the Fucheng and Jiangyou cities is higher than that of other counties. The suitability level of the comprehensive niche has been growing gradually. Based on the comparison of time and space evolution of the three systems and the comprehensive niche suitability of each county town, this paper tries to put forward suggestions to promote the coordinated development of the county towns.


Mianyang City, Niche, sustainable development, index system

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