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Research on the Difference of Parenting Concepts and Parenting Pattern between One-child Family and Two-child Family under the Two-child Policy in China

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020002


Yingzi Lei

Corresponding Author

Yingzi Lei


China's population aging problem is getting more and more serious, forming a low fertility, high aging situation, China's social security system will become a hidden danger eventually. Since 2015, couples will be allowed to have two children in order to improve the state population strategy and alleviate the problem of an aging population. The comprehensive implementation of the "Two-child policy" has brought new changes to family education -- from the one-child education to the two-child education. With the arrival of "second child", the change has also brought some new challenges to parenting patterns, the first child is prone to emotional problems; The phenomenon and problem of second-generation education and left-behind children in rural areas are more serious. How should parents deal with these problems? This paper aims to help parents to set up a scientific parenting concepts and solve educational problems by analyzing the difference of parenting concepts and parenting patterns between the one-child family and the two-child family in China.


Two-child policy, parenting concepts, parenting pattern, one-child family, two-child family

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