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Analysis of Marxist Belief Education in Contemporary Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020017


Jinrui Liu, Weihua Zhu

Corresponding Author

Jinrui Liu


The basic content of Marxist belief education includes Marxist political standpoint education, Marxist social development law education and Marxist social ideal education. Under the background of economic globalization, western hostile forces, relying on their first-mover advantages in economy, politics and military affairs, are trying to disintegrate the socialist system ideologically and carry out peaceful evolution to our country. People's consciousness is a reflection of the constantly changing real world based on practice. The generation and change of people's beliefs originate from the development of the times and the change of social structure. The teachers of Ideological and political theory course in Colleges and universities are the main force in the implementation of Marxist Belief Education for college students. To achieve the goal of Marxism popularization, we must carry out the propaganda and education of Marxism theory in various fields and in various forms, so as to make Marxism truly the leading ideology in China.


Marxism, Faith education, Colleges and universities

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