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The Protection of Traditional Residential Buildings in Huize Ancient City Taking No.37 Courtyard of Sandao Lane as an Example

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020019


Yiyang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yiyang Zhao


Based on the typical forms of traditional dwellings in Huize area and relevant literature, this study has protected and restored the existing details in accordance with the spatial patterns of traditional dwellings in courtyard 37, sandaoxiang, the ancient city, and partially demolished the later part of the traditional dwellings, and restored the spatial forms and details of the original traditional dwellings. At last, the function of the courtyard is replaced, so as to expand the use area of the courtyard building, improve the modern life infrastructure, meet the needs of residents' life and improve the quality of residents' life. In order to provide a certain reference value for the traditional residential building design in the similar historical blocks in China.


Huize, traditional residence Protection

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