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Investigating Fundraising in Chinese Higher Education

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020036


Xiuping Yu

Corresponding Author

Xiuping Yu


Although China's higher education funding mainly depends on the government, with the rapid expansion of both size and number of colleges and universities, problems such as shortage of funds and school debt also came out. Therefore, how to effectively raise funds for running colleges and universities has become a hot and difficult issue in China. Chinese University’s fundraising organization had developed into a ‘‘quasi-professional fundraising office’’ except that its scale and professional level remained insufficient. The United States has many years of experience in funds for higher education, especially in terms of absorbing social donations. It is necessary to compare and contrast U.S. and Chinese fundraising models, and summary the factors that affect successful fundraising in higher education. Learning from U.S. experience, there are many strategies can be taken to improve Chinese higher education fundraising.


Fundraising, China, higher education

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