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The Feasibility of "Trinity Model" to Perfect the Current Pension System in China

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020039


Guoshen Zhong, Xingye Deng, Zhangshuai Cao

Corresponding Author

Guoshen Zhong


Aims at exploring the feasibility of constructing the database and inputting the physiological function data of the elderly constantly by the aid of intelligence while enhancing the old age model so as to monitor the health of the aged. On the premise of privacy among the elderly group, the trinity model of "individual community government" ought to be manufactured to supplement the current provident fund pension model to gradually establish a sound pension system. Based on the quadratic regression linear analysis method, the change trend function is obtained and the chart is regarded as predicting the change of the aging coefficient in China in the next five years. The result is that the aging coefficient of China will exceed 20% in 2021, which is a supplementary argument for the rationality of adopting the "trinity" model. It can be ultimately summarized that the database is conducive to the current pension model.


Population aging, Database, Pension model, Aged group

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