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Research on the Multi-dimensional Coupling Construction of Beautiful Rural Ecological Landscape in the Context of Rural Revitalization

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020041


Lixin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Lixin Zhang


Beautiful rural ecological construction is an important practice form of "beautiful China" and ecological civilization in China's rural areas. Carrying out in-depth research on the construction of beautiful rural ecological landscape in the perspective of the construction of Rural Revitalization Strategy will play a positive role in promoting the ecological construction of beautiful rural areas, promoting the implementation of Rural Revitalization Strategy and realizing the sustainable development of rural areas. This paper intends to build a path suitable for the multi-dimensional coupling construction of the beautiful rural ecological landscape, in order to provide theoretical and practical basis for the current "Rural Revitalization Strategy" of the beautiful rural ecological construction.


Rural Revitalization, Beautiful countryside, Ecological landscape, Multidimensional coupling construction

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