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Analysis of the Effect of Information Technology Leadership of Colleges and Universities on Teaching Effectiveness based on Structural Equation Model

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020051


Yishuai Tian

Corresponding Author

Yishuai Tian


From the perspective of teacher evaluation, a question structural equation model, colleges and universities, teacher leadership, information technology capabilities, teaching effectiveness naira survey was conducted on the informatization leadership of colleges and universities, and the structural equation model analysis of the data was performed through Mplus7 software. The results showed that the information technology capabilities of colleges and universities have direct influence on their informatization planning capabilities the positive effect of information, the ability of informatization planning has a direct positive effect on its information evaluation ability and information management ability has a direct positive effect on school information efficiency. Based on the data analysis results, it is recommended to focus on improving the information management capabilities of college teachers, focusing on improving their information planning capabilities, and scientifically improving their information technology capabilities.


Smart electric energy meter, RFID, data acquisition

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