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Investigation and Analysis of Public Drug Use Behavior in Chongqing Residents

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020054


Jiangxia Yu, Xiaojiang Tian

Corresponding Author

Jiangxia Yu


A national sample survey shows that the knowledge of rational drug use among residents in china is generally lacking. As the only municipality in the central and western regions, Chongqing has a diverse population and is located in a mountainous area. There are many rural residents. At present, there are few public reports on the current status of public drug use in Chongqing. Therefore, in this study, the author conducted a questionnaire survey and analysis of Chongqing's public drug use behaviors to promote safe drug use by the public and provide reference materials for other professionals to carry out community pharmaceutical services.


Drug safety, Residents of Chongqing China, Questionnaire

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