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A Comparative Study of Two English Versions of a Poem in Hong Lou Meng by Yang and Hawkes

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62214


Liu Hui

Corresponding Author

Liu Hui


Xu Yuanchong put forward the “Three Beauties Principle-the beauty in sense, sound and form”, which has greatly contributed to translation of Classical Chinese Poetry (CCP). Based on Three Beauties Principle, this paper focuses on the comparison between two versions of the greatest Chinese classic novel Hong Lou Meng, the one translated by Yang Hsien-yi, and the other by David Hawkes. A poem Autumn Window: a Night of Wind and Rain written by Lin Daiyu has been cited to reveal the best faithfulness in poetry translation, and the transference of the artistic conception, the emotion and style of Classical Chinese poetry.


Artistic conception, Three Beauties Principle, comparative analysis

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