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Research on the legal problem of "Separation of three powers" of agricultural land

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DOI: 10.23977/ESS2020059


Xueqin Li, Zixian Chen

Corresponding Author

Xueqin Li


For China with a large rural population, the issue of rural land is an important topic from the beginning to the end. It is closely related to China's economic development and social stability. Therefore, it is necessary to rationally regulate agricultural land to balance the interests of different subjects. However, under the Family-contract Responsibility system, the income level of small-scale planting gradually declines, and the dual system of rural land is no longer suitable for the needs of China's current social development. Therefore, the implementation of the policy of "Separation of three powers" of the rural land is an important step in the reform process of land system in China. In civil code compiled for the opportunity to establish and improve the system of land law, clearly defining the right of rural farmland and homestead. With the implementation of the "separation of three powers", make the rural land system structure to better serve the reality needs. In addition, it not only can protect farmers' basic rights and interests, increase their income, and also can provide impetus for the revitalization of the countryside.


Separation of three powers, Management of cultivated land, Homestead qualification right Family-contract Responsibility system

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