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The Value of Octave Technique in Promoting the Training Skills of Piano Performance

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020004


Yue Lin

Corresponding Author

Yue Lin


This study aims to enable piano players to better master the training skills of octave technique. In this research, the physical principle of octave technique is introduced, and the mechanical mechanism and acoustic principle of piano in physics are analyzed. Then, the training foundation and training methods of octave technique are explored. The training foundation of octave technique mainly focuses on psychological quality, basic gestures, sitting position, and fingers (wrist and arm). As for the octave training method, it is mainly carried out from the four aspects of shoulder, elbow, wrist, and comprehensive training. Finally, the effects of mechanical structure and training methods on octave technique in physics are discussed. The results show that the players can utilize the mechanical structure of the piano to relieve the pain of fingers caused by playing for a long time without affecting the performance, and the systematic and comprehensive training method can improve the players' mastery of octave technique. The results of this study article have a good guiding significance in octave technique to promote piano training skills.


Octave technique, Piano performance, Training foundation, Training methods

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