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Intelligent Outreach Strategy of Southern Fujian Culture under the Belt and Road Initiative with Information Mining Framework

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020012


Qi Liu

Corresponding Author

Qi Liu


Nowadays, people use digital products such as mobile phones and tablet computers as carriers to collect information on the intelligent platform through mobile communication data and unlimited networks. For example, tourists can search the local culture of some regions anywhere and anytime only by clicking, and a large amount of data will be generated through the interaction between the user and the platform, the interaction between the user and the user, and the interaction between the platform and the platform. In the context of big data, the generation of these browsing data has brought great potential to the development of mobile terminal culture platforms and the transmission of traditional culture. Under this background, this paper proposes the case of the intelligent culture outreach in southern Fujian under the Belt and Road initiative with the information mining framework. The strategy and finalized intelligent platform are suggested to better promote the diffusion of southern Fujian culture.


One Belt and One Road, Silk Road, Southern Fujian Culture, Information Mining Framework, Cultural Transmission

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