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Research on the Application of VR Technology in Traditional Building in Southeast Hubei

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020013


Kai Cao, Liwensi Shi

Corresponding Author

Kai Cao


VR technology is widely used in modern design, involving interior design, outdoor design and other parts. VR technology mainly enables people to better feel the design effect. VR technology can combine the real Southeast Hubei traditional building environment with virtual things. Meanwhile, VR technology can make the plane drawings and 3D effect drawings more intuitive and clear display in people's field of vision, as long as users wear VR glasses, they can produce a feeling of immersive experience, which can be more effectively used in the design. This paper mainly expounds the application and influence of VR technology in the development of traditional buildings in Southeast Hubei, so that people can better understand VR technology and make real life better.


Traditional architecture in Southeast Hubei, VR technology, Virtual reality

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