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Study on the History of Pop Art Fashion Design Application

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020019


Xiaomeng Liu

Corresponding Author

Xiaomeng Liu


Arises at the historic moment of pop art from the pop movement led to the development of fashion design, many popular pop designs used in simple profile type clothing, show a new style of fashion design, formed the unique pop art clothing. The development of science and technology and art design complement each other, the development of science and technology to promote the art, art in turn display technology developed. Has been heavily promoted by the development of science and technology to the creation of art and design, new digital technology reflects the demand of social life, and help to study art innovation. In this paper, with the development of science and technology for the vein analysis pop art fashion design popular wave of three times.


Pop Art, Fashion design, Traditional printing, Digital printing

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