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Innovative Design Exploration based on Traditional Mortise and Tenon Structure

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020022


Yanbin Song

Corresponding Author

Yanbin Song


Mortise and tenon structure are a splendid national treasure of ancient Chinese traditional skills, which has been developed for over a thousand years. As the peak of the traditional production process and technology of China, mortise and tenon joint structure is based on the structure of the timber frame structure as the main way, between each component connected nodes in the concave and convex combination way and form, its originated in construction, widely in furniture, the mechanization and mass production today, mortise and tenon joint structure due to a lack of innovation, process trival, low machining efficiency, by manufacturers in the cold gradually, this article mainly embarks from the structure of decorative design concept, through analyzing the application of modern mortise and tenon joint structure, puts forward the structure of the decorative design principles, providing a new method for modernization of mortise and tenon joint structure.


Mortise and tenon joint structure, Innovative, Design

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