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Study on the Types of Narrative Structure of Movie Scripts

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020029


Zaining Wang, Lei Xi

Corresponding Author

Lei Xi


In the present moment of diversification, the vigorous development of the film market has made the renewal of movies of different types of story themes and different style themes dizzying. The narrative of the film is inseparable from the narrative structure. No matter the change of the theme or the change of style, the narrative structure of the film is the basis of the narrative. The narrative structure of the movie script refers to the overall structural arrangement of the complete process of reproducing or expressing events of meaningful value through carefully designed discourse. Any movie can't be separated from the narrative. This article provides a reference for the creation of the movie script through the different characteristics discussed in the storyline of the movie script of the different narrative structure in the movie script.


Movie, Script, Structure, Narrative

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