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Application and Effect Analysis of Piano Works under National Music Style in College Music Teaching

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020030


Yu Xia

Corresponding Author

Yu Xia


The paper is to study the application of piano works under national music style in college music teaching to enhance the personal ability of college music majors. Methods: The development vein of Chinese piano creation, the students’ current situation of learning Chinese piano works and the difficulties in practical teaching as well as the importance of studying Chinese piano works in piano teaching are summarized. It is emphasized that the current application of Chinese piano works in piano teaching is not widespread enough, making a few suggestions. Results: The national piano arrangement has both the characteristics of Chinese and Western music, and it has a great help in cultivating students’ comprehensive musical ability. Adding the content of piano arrangements to piano teaching in higher vocational colleges helps to cultivate students’ sense of nationalized music and familiarize them with the vocabulary of national music. Also, it creates conditions for the cultivation of applied and innovative talents. Conclusion: Through the study of piano arrangements, the piano’s rich playing techniques can be firmly grasped, and China’s traditional music culture can be deeply understood. In addition, students can be familiar with the relevant knowledge and expression techniques of traditional musical instruments, using it in the creation of arrangements and other types of piano music.


National music, Piano works, College music teaching, Students’ comprehensive ability

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