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Fashion Innovation for Blind Children: A Case Study of Intelligent Glove Featuring Perception of Chromatic Color

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020031


Wei Ding, Aijun Liu, Yadong Guo

Corresponding Author

Wei Ding


Blind children are a special group of children. Loss of vision causes numerous obstacles for blind children in life and in study and makes the pleasure of reading, studying, and exploration of the world impossible for them. To ameliorate these limitations of blind children and improve their study experience, we have designed an intelligent glove that considers the handicaps of blind children and enables them to perceive and become aware of the existence of colors using temperature and chromatic-color sensors. When blind children who wear the intelligent glove touches a colored picture, the glove temperature changes with the change in the color coldness or warmness of the picture to perceive chromatic color and object shape. The intelligent glove helps blind children accurately "read" color illustration so that they can enjoy the pleasure of experiencing the picture and its accompanying text in a book. Meanwhile, attempt has been made to enable blind children to learn painting using this method and experience the full painting process. This intelligent glove provides a multi-element interactive experience mode to blind children so that they can better learn and perceive this colorful world through intelligent interaction.


Intelligent Gloves Design, Color Sensor, Temperature Sensor, Temperature Controller

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