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Exploration of Applications of Common Standard Yi Language

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020032


Yihong jueJie

Corresponding Author

Yihong jueJie


The creation of Yi language has a long history, it has been used to write the historical documents of the Yi nationality, such as the records of the Yi nationality in Southwest China, le'oteyi, Ashima, nisudao Festival and Cham. Yi people have lived in Southwest China for a long time, with a wide geographical distribution. With the continuous migration and diversion, Yi dialects gradually formed. This paper combs the proposal and design of general norms for Yi language. Observe the object and range of use. It is found that there are still some problems in the program implementation, text training, character setting, information processing and other aspects of the general specification of Yi language. It is suggested that the implementation of general norms of Yi language should actively strive for the support of national policies and the emotional input of language and characters, and strive for the participation of all forces; Further standardizing the existing Yi language elements; It is suggested to establish the source of power for the implementation of general norms of Yi language and to build a platform for the use of general norms of Yi language. It also puts forward the idea that the popularization of general norms of Yi language should enable a citizen with Yi identity to have not only the national general language ability, but also the general Yi language ability and the ability of Yi dialect.


General specification, Yi language, Application, Research

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