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Research of Zoroastrianism in Space with Symbolic Significance-overview

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020033


Haijun Han, Bing Zhao, Yating Tian

Corresponding Author

Haijun Han


Zoroastrianism, which in Chinese history was called “xianjiao”, Zoroastrianism is also called “baihuojiao” and its founder was Zoroaster around the 10th century BC for his worship of fire. Which pursues the dualistic theory of god is the religious history of the world from polytheism to 2 god theory into the representation of the religious, good and evil dualism that god has a good god and evil, o good god for he mazzy, the evil god leads people to Angela Manuel doctrine limited darkness, to live with the light, to yearn for the goodness of god to teach and festivals have their own calendar and a complete sacrifice and funeral ceremony, as early as the 6th century BC, the Persian, many dynasty was revered as the church of England has more than 2500 years, after twists and turns, it is said that there is still no fewer than 150000 Christians in Iran and India The study of this religion is one of the necessary conditions for studying Iranian culture and the religious culture of the world.


Zoroastrianism, Iranian, Belief, Etiquette, ShengYu

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