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A Study on the Creative Style and Singing Characteristics of the River Flowing

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DOI: 10.23977/ADCS2020038


Liqing Chen

Corresponding Author

Liqing Chen


Xiaohe Tangshui is a folk song of Yunnan Province. It was created by Yin Yigong in 1947. It was originally sung by jiangku and incorporated into the Journal of teaching singing. Therefore, Xiaohe Tangshui began to be spread gradually. In the process of the spread of little river, many famous singers in our country have sung this song, which shows its position in the industry. However, this song has a profound background, a great difficulty in singing, and a high demand for the singers. Therefore, in order to sort out the difficulties in the performance and singing of little river, this paper will study its creative style and singing characteristics.


The stream, the style of creation, the characteristics of singing

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