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Framework of simulation experiment factors screening for equipment system

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DOI: 10.23977/acsat.2017.1016


Yang Ningmeng, Yang Fande

Corresponding Author

Ningmeng Yang


The characteristic of the equipment system’s complexity makes the simulation facing the problem of massive factors, easily lead to combination blasting on the simulation experiment design, and then put forward the framework of screening factor for equipment simulation experiment system. First of all, the characteristics of the simulation experiment of the equipment system are analyzed, and the simulation index is determined from the user's point of view. Secondly, the factor sample space is studied, and the relevant factors are selected according to the experiment index, factors are normalized next. Then select the appropriate screening method to extract the important factors for the sample space and specific problems, and finally verify. Based on the analysis of the experiment index, the study of the sample space, the extraction and validation of the important factors, a set of complete screening scheme is proposed, it has certain significance for the design of equipment system simulation experiment.


complex equipment system, simulation experiment, experiment index, factor screening.

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