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Research and development of enterprise transformation and upgrading in China's circular economy

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DOI: 10.23977/FEIM2020.007


XiaoYu Li, Shuang Guo

Corresponding Author

XiaoYu Li


China has incorporated the construction of ecological civilization into the overall development strategy of the country, and put forward higher requirements for the industrial transformation and upgrading of resource-based cities. At present, all human beings are facing a crisis of population, resources and environment. They are facing the challenges of transformation of development mode and technological reform and innovation, so as to promote more efficient and fair sustainable development of economy. Therefore, according to the principle of circular economy, this paper analyzes the necessity of the transformation and development of Chinese enterprises, and on this basis, makes empirical analysis and draws conclusions, and puts forward some effective suggestions for the transformation and development of enterprises.


Circular economy, Transformation and upgrading, Technical reform, Technology and innovation, Research and development

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