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Establishment and Solution of Airport Taxi Passenger Transport and Revenue Model Based on Grey Correlation Degree

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DOI: 10.23977/FEIM2020.020


Yang Rui

Corresponding Author

Yang Rui


With the rapid development of the tourism and transportation industry, urban residents are becoming more and more convenient to travel, and the public's attention to the issue of airport taxi passenger and revenue is also increasing. This article will build a selection decision model, a ride efficiency index model, and taxi mileage revenue model, which studies taxi driver decision-making, airport taxi riding efficiency, and balanced revenue. In the first question, nine indicators are selected based on certain principles as the influencing factors in selecting a decision model; secondly, it is obtained by the analytic hierarchy process. Get the weight to form the column vector ω; then use the gray correlation analysis method to calculate the correlation degree of each indicator by substituting the weight column vector ω to get the ranking of the degree of influence of each indicator on the decision result. The model solution will be implemented in the second problem. In the second question, the relevant data of different time periods in Shanghai Pudong International Airport were collected and applied to the problem one model. Finally, it was concluded that the best overall benefit for taxi drivers to choose to carry passengers at 18:00 that day.


Analytic hierarchy process, grey correlation, choice decision model

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