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An analysis of the development of investors in the process of institutionalization

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DOI: 10.23977/FEIM2020.022


Lu Wang, Xinrong Liu

Corresponding Author

Lu Wang


The regulatory documents of "multi-channel promotion of the effective transformation of household savings into long-term capital in the capital market" and "improvement of the investor structure in the capital market" point out the direction for the development of the capital market in China. In China, the degree of retail investors is high, and the imbalance of financing structure has existed for a long time. In order to reduce market volatility and risk, institutionalization has become an inevitable trend. The process of institutionalization will have a huge impact on both institutional and individual investors. While discussing the inevitability of institutionalization, this paper focuses on the current situation and development direction of institutional investors and individual investors in the process of institutionalization.


Institutional process, Individual investors, Institutional investors

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