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Research on the Status, Trend and Strategy of Chinese Free Trade Zone Construction

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62229


Xinke Wu

Corresponding Author

Xinke Wu


In order to comply with the evolution of international economic and trade rules and respond to pressures at home and abroad, China has accelerated the implementation of the free trade zone strategy. Compared to the traditional free trade area (FTA), the Free Trade Zone (FTZ) established by China in the “overseas customs and territory” aims to actively explore the governmental functions, investment and trade management innovation model, and expand the opening of the service industry. On the basis of elaborating the evolution of the free trade zone, this paper clarifies the development of our country from the reform and opening-up of the special economic zone to the free trade zone in“new normal”, and make a horizontal comparison of the current status of Chinese four major free trade zones. The formation of replicable and scalable experience has enabled it to develop into a “practical field” for promoting reforms and improving the level of open economy, playing a demonstration role and expanding new space for economic growth.


Free trade zone, develop trend, develop strategy

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