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The Spillover Effect of China's Carbon Trading Market

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DOI: 10.23977/FEIM2020.032


Jinyu Lang

Corresponding Author

Jinyu Lang


This article starts with the subjects of carbon trading and promotes the analysis of the status carbon trading development. At the same time, we compare the eight pilot markets from various angles, and analyze the background of the establishment of the national market. The study of spillover effects in carbon trading markets mainly uses various models related to the mean-value spillover effect to test the mutual influence of price fluctuations in different markets. Understand the joint volatility of the national carbon market in order to provide basic data for the establishment of a national carbon market. This study finds that although price transmission and risk transmission among the regional carbon markets in the country are not related to each other, the mutual influence between the pilot sites has gradually begun to emerge. With the integration of the national carbon trading market, the impact will become more and more significant.


Carbon trading, Carbon pilot, Mean spillover effect, National carbon market

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