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Study on Promotion Strategy of Catering Service for Infant Supplementary Food

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DOI: 10.23977/FEIM2020.042


Xihua Chen, Huishi Huang, Min Zhou, Zhuandi Zhai

Corresponding Author

Xihua Chen


With the improvement of living standard, the market of infant supplementary food in China develops rapidly, and catering service for supplementary food also usher in a new development opportunity. Through the methods of field research, the present writer found that the infant supplementary food market rarely provides fresh supplementary food. Plus, there are few professional platforms of supplementary food catering service, and the supplementary food catering service market is not standardised. Based on the fact that supplementary food catering service is an inevitable requirement of market development, which could provide a scientific and reasonable arrangement of supplementary food and save the time and energy of homemade supplementary food, it is suggested to promote supplementary food catering service from the following six aspects: Initially, innovating product types to seize the supplementary food market. Secondly, strengthening technical support to reduce operational risks. Third, taking advantages of the network to enrich the promotion form. Moreover, promoting brand effect with the help of well-known platforms. What’s more, providing special services to meet consumer demand. Last but not least, innovating business models and strengthening cooperation to increase flow.


Infant Supplementary Food, New Parents, Catering Service, Promotion Strategy

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