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Study on the Landscape Design of Urban Aged Community Based on Humanistic Care

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62232


Yafang Han

Corresponding Author

Yafang Han


With the development of society, the aging of the population has become more and more serious. Many countries are facing such problems. Chinese society has always been at the forefront of development, but the aging is more obvious. In response to this phenomenon, the country has put forward the policy of home-based care for the elderly. With the construction of the environment and the design of the landscape, it provides a good living environment for the elderly. The environment plays an important role in physical and mental health of the elderly. Under the humanistic care, pensioning has become an important measure of economic development. Starting from the practice and starting from the ordinary family, the landscape of the aged community also plays a crucial role in the activities of the elderly. This paper is mainly based on the aged community for the elderly in the humanistic care, and studies the social landscape for the aged through pensions. The purpose is to create a good landscape environment to meet the needs of the elderly, clearly put forward humanistic care as an important concept of old-age care, and pay attention to psychological and physical health of the elderly, which will be suitable for the study of the aged community landscape design to allow the elderly to get a livable environment in their later years from the outdoor activities of the market, the layout of plants, and etc.


Humanistic care, urban retirement, landscape design

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