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Research of Visual Performance in Visual Communication Design

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62236


Bo Liu

Corresponding Author

Bo Liu


With the development of society, the visual space is more and more effective in our lives. The existence of visual space plays an important role in visual communication. Through the visual dimension, the overall effect of vision is presented in our minds, and visual design is established based on visual perception. The visual cognition needs to have a certain order, and can be performed well through the design. In this process, visual communication is designed to make the vision more three-dimensional with more sense of design. The presentation and design of visual space is based on visual cognition and in-depth information. The way in which visual communication is generally presented is mainly through visual design of graphics, colors, and so on. With the development of network technology and the blending of new media forms, diversity in its visual communication has changed. Visual communication is made quickly and profoundly based on visual information. Through the expression of graphics, colors, and words, the forms of expression are varied and the methods of expression are different. Through the multi-faceted development of visual design, the visual space has a more meaningful meaning. In this process, the development of the information age is combined to enhance the development of the visual space and its research is of great significance. This paper is mainly from the perspective of visual communication, the concept of visual space is elaborated, and visual performance in the design of visual communication is studied, so as to put forward some suggestions and explore the current trend of the integration of visual aspects with new media.


Visual communication design, visual space, graphics, new media

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