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Research on the Structure and Measurement of Communication Capabilities of Enterprise Managers

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62241


Taibo Jiang

Corresponding Author

Taibo Jiang


Interpersonal communication skills are one of the important qualities that modern enterprise managers must possess. With the integration of the world economy today, with the interpenetration of members of different cultures in the organization, the human communication capabilities of managers have become an important factor influencing management performance. It is of great significance to study the interpersonal communication capabilities of enterprise managers. Interpersonal communication skills refer to the ability to communicate effectively with individuals and in appropriate ways in social interaction. Effectiveness is the extent to which communication behaviors contribute to individual goals and the realization of relationship goals. The degree of appropriateness is consistent with the degree of situational and relationship constraints. Effectiveness and appropriateness are important in assessing the level of accessibility.


Structure and measurement, communication capability, enterprise managers

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