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Study on the Reuse of Old Industrial Buildings in Cities:The Case of the 126 Cultural Creative Park in Mianyang

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DOI: 10.23977/EMELS2020001


Yu Meng, Xinyi Wei and Chunlie Ouyang

Corresponding Author

Yu Meng


The reuse of urban old industrial buildings are a symbol of the progress of urban civilization and a feature of urban sustainable development. In recent years, due to the rapid development of social economy in our country, many factories in the city have moved out of the country. Therefore, the use of reuse to make old industrial buildings new, compared with the demolition of old and new more economic, environmental protection, historical. It’s a powerful means to promote the vigorous development of the city.The purpose of this paper is to analyze the empirical model’s reuse of old industrial buildings at home and abroad through literature analysis, and to investigate and analyze the reuse of Mianyang 126 Cultural and Creative Park on the spot.The result is to summarize the general method of reuse of old industrial buildings in cities, so that it has a certain reference significance for the reuse of old industrial buildings in Mianyang and even other cities.


Old Industrial BuildingsMianyang; 126 Cultural Creative Park

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