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The Cultural Characteristics of Film and Television Drama Adapted by Chinese Internet Literature

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DOI: 10.23977/EMELS2020007


Zhong Cao

Corresponding Author

Zhong Cao


This matter was found the cultural characteristics of Chinese Internet Literature adapting film and television in the 21st century, the object of this research. The Internet Literature was selected because with the popularization of Internet technology in China, Chinese literary enthusiasts have created a new literary genre that relies on network writing and reading. The new genre has profoundly transformed Chinese culture and society. Of that, one of the most notable things is a large number of films and television dramas adapted from Internet literature have appeared. In the research, the author come to the conclusion that the adaptation of literary works into films or television dramas is a proces closely related to social culture. The specific social culture influences the directors and writers, as well as the aesthetic acceptance of audiences. The article concludes that the cultural characteristics of the adapted films and television dramas mainly embodied in three aspects: de-centralism under the influence of post-modernism, construction of desire culture and the profound impact of commercialization.


Internet Literature in China; Film and Television Adaptation; Cultural characteristics

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