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Analysis on the Abnormal Fluctuations of Vegetable Prices in Autumn and Countermeasures

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DOI: 10.23977/EMELS2020009


Fantao Kong, Jing Zhang, Wei Sun, Jifang Liu

Corresponding Author

Jifang Liu


The abnormal fall of vegetable prices in autumn 2018 was due to the result of such overlying as the expansion of planting area driven by continuous high vegetable prices all the year, the increase of per-unit-vegetable yield and centralized marketing given by fine autumn weather. Later, with the dramatic decrease of temperature as winter deepens, vegetable growth, development and circulation could be affected to a certain extent, and vegetable prices were expected to go to a seasonal rising range. For the area of vegetable field is basically stable, if the weather is fine and there is no severe weather such as large areas of rain, snow and freezing, it is expected that the vegetable supply in winter 2018 can be guaranteed as a whole. In the case of frequent fluctuations in vegetable prices, local governments should implement the mayor responsibility system of "vegetable basket project", do the job of production and marketing docking and information guidance well, ensure the market with stable supply, prevent vegetable prices from big rise after sharp fall, and the vast number of vegetable farmers should timely do the job in disaster prevention and mitigation well, rationally arrange vegetable production, and avoid blindly following the trend of business.


Vegetables; prices; fall; countermeasures

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