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Research on the Construction of Discourse Right in Network of Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.23977/EMELS2020016


Yanan Zhang, Chunyan Chen

Corresponding Author

Yanan Zhang


The media carries ideology and discourse creates influence. With the rapid development of economic globalization and network information technology, network has increasingly become the main battlefield and frontier for the confrontation of various values ideologies, cultures and ideologies. In this situation, the frontier of Ideological and political education, has also spread from universities to the network. In this way, it is objectively necessary to improve the influence and appeal of Ideological and political education in cyberspace and grasp its initiative and dominance in cyberspace. Therefore, in order to enhance the network discourse power of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities, this paper focuses on the four elements of network discourse attraction force, network discourse persuasiveness, network discourse radiation force and network discourse regulatory power, starting from the emotional world and psychological demands of College students, and puts forward the ideological and political education discourse and network discourse are organically combined, we can fundamentally solve the dilemma faced by the network discourse right of Ideological and political education in Colleges and universities.


Ideological and Political Education in Colleges and Universities; Network Discourse Power; Construction Strategy

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