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Research and Practice of Ocean Data Management Technology with Big Data Philosophy

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DOI: 10.23977/EMELS2020017


Jinkun Yang, Weilu Li, Chunhua Han, Fangfang Wan, Guanghao Wei, Dongmei Qi

Corresponding Author

Jinkun Yang


Applying big data philosophy and technology to managing marine data resources has become a trend for some time now and in the future. Based on the practice of national marine data resource management for many years and the basic concept of big data, this paper studies the connotation and characteristics of ocean big data, analyzes the opportunities and challenges to be faced by ocean data resource management in the age of big data, and puts forward the classified and hierarchical ocean data resource management system and the concept of integrative ocean database management with "multiple architectures supporting multiple applications" based on the big data philosophy. This paper studies the key technologies such as the construction of ocean data models, the column storage technology of integrative ocean database and the extraction and integration of multi-source ocean data, and carries out the practical application of ocean data management technology based on big data concept and technology, which is of great significance for innovating the ocean data management mode and raising the application value of ocean data


Big data; ocean big data; ocean data management; integrative ocean database

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