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A Model of Cooperative Governance of Zero-Waste City Construction Based on Multi-subject

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DOI: 10.23977/EMELS2020022


Ying Dan and Zhida Guo

Corresponding Author

Zhida Guo


Building the Zero-Waste City is not only a powerful action to implement the reform of comprehensive management of urban solid waste, but also a significant move to build a beautiful China. Firstly, the starting is the basic meaning of Zero-Waste City construction. The intrinsic requirement of Zero-Waste City construction in it is clarified which is collaborative governance. Then, the characteristics of collaborative governance in Zero-Waste City construction are systematically considered, and the multi-subject characteristics are grasped. Consequently, the sustainability and dynamics of the construction are clearly defined. Based on the above research, this paper carried out model design and policy-thinking on the multi-subject collaborative governance model of Zero-Waste City construction. The win-win pattern of multi-subject participating in the co-governance of Zero-Waste City is expected to be realized.


Multi-subject; Zero-Waste City; waste; cooperative governance

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