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Water Inrush Risk Assessment under Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process in Guizhou Province

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62258


Yongyan Yu

Corresponding Author

Yongyan Yu


Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process is used to establish risk evaluation model on water inrush based on the characters of highway tunnel in Guizhou province. In the process of mode, risk factors are evaluated, based on statistical analysis on water inrush in china, and on the characters of tunnel in Guizhou province. Considered similar projects and survey from experts, relative scale methodology is used to obtain weight value on risk factors. The mode is used in tunnel in Guizhou province to obtain the possibility of water inrush. Model calculation results are in conformity with engineering evaluation. Consequently, the mode is reasonable, which could be used in evaluate water inrush in Guizhou tunnel.


Highway tunnel, fuzzy analytic hierarchy process, risk assessment, water inrush

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