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Targeted Poverty Reduction Model of the Needy Undergraduates Based on GA-SVM

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DOI: 10.23977/ssmme.2018.62259


Bairui Tao, Kaida Liu, Fengjuan Miao, Tongri Sun, Rui Miao

Corresponding Author

Bairui Tao


At present, the targeted funding plays an important role in solving the problem of needy undergraduates’ schoolwork and promoting fair education. However, the current approach to identify needy undergraduates is full of uncertainty and the qualitative standard is lack of objective basis. This paper takes freshman of a major in S University as the research object, and employs the data of students' daily lives which objectively and truly reflects their life and behavioral characteristics to implement the simulation modeling for the study of targeted poverty reduction model of the needy undergraduates based on GA-SVM. This will be an effective supplement to the affirmation of the needy undergraduates in the work of a precision-targeted subsidization.


GA-SVM, targeted poverty reduction model, needy Undergraduates, precision-targeted subsidization

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