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Research on AIDS Therapy Based on Linear Interpolation Fitting

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.004


Yibo Wang, Zhiming Wang, Rui Jin

Corresponding Author

Yibo Wang


This article uses the AIDS data published by the United States AIDS Medical Trial Institute, and uses linear interpolation to uniformly simulate the CD4 cell count and HIV concentration in the patient's weekly body. The effect of cell count is approximately a cubic curve. With reference to the HIV fitting curve, it was found that the patient should terminate the therapy at about 27 weeks. The respondent took different drug combinations and filled the data with uniform interpolation. CD4 cell count time series data, after SPSS fitting, Kruskal-Wallis H Test and median test method were used to fit a better curative effect scheme. Using only CD4 cell count as the standard, the efficacy of the four therapies is : The fourth treatment is the best, the third treatment is the worst, the second treatment is the worst, and the first treatment is the worst. Patients taking the third treatment should stop taking the medicine at 25 weeks, while the best taking the fourth treatment should stop at the 19 week.


spss, AIDS therapy, nonlinear curve fitting, linear interpolation

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