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Design and implementation of the hand venipuncture auxiliary system based on cloud computing platform

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.014


Jiaying Dang

Corresponding Author

Jiaying Dang


In clinical medicine, venipuncture has become a highly used medical operation. However, with the improvement of people's living standards, the number of obese users is increasing, and the number of infants, the elderly and ICU patients is increasing, so that the rate of difficulty in piercing is increasing. In order to solve the problem of low accuracy of venipuncture technology, this paper proposes a design of a hand venipuncture auxiliary system based on cloud computing platform. The system consists of venous projection terminal, cloud computing platform and APP. The infrared image acquisition module of the terminal of vein projection can collect vein image. The wi-fi module can realize the function of information exchange with the cloud computing platform. The projection module can realize multi-mode projection of vein. By running RM vein image processing and multi-function projection algorithm, as well as the matching database system of intravenous lines and identity information, the cloud platform can control the switch of projection mode in real time and transmit the user's medical treatment results to the APP in real time. The APP performs the storage of users' veins, displays the medical information in real time, and provides users with healthy health suggestions according to the physical health problems displayed by the user's medical information. This design adopts the combination of vein image processing and functional projection algorithm based on cloud platform and matching database to realize an intelligent and efficient hand venipuncture auxiliary system. Experimental results show that the system can effectively improve the accuracy of puncture.


Cloud computing platform, Venous image processing, Multi-mode projection of intravenous lines, The database of matching identity information with intravenous lines, Auxiliary puncture

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