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Design and realization of a palmar vein imaging instrument

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.015


Shuang Xia

Corresponding Author

Shuang Xia


With the rapid development of the society, people's requirements on the medical level are gradually rising. Palmar vein injection is a commonly used treatment method, but it is difficult for infants, elderly people, obese patients and other groups to have venous access. For example, the fat layer under the skin of obese patients is thick, and the vein depth is deep but not obvious, which greatly increases the difficulty of venipuncture for medical staff. Old people's palm appears spot and wrinkle, increased the difficulty of vein recognition; The smaller blood vessels in infants are difficult to identify, coupled with the increase in the number of infants under the universal two-child policy, the probability of failure in venipuncture by medical staff increases. In addition, under the current situation of weak doctor-patient relationship and declining professional skills of medical staff, patients become more sensitive to the situation of multiple injections, or even cannot be inserted, resulting in numerous doctor-patient disputes. To solve the problem of low accuracy of puncture technique has become an important research topic for scientists. Therefore, a palmar vein imaging instrument is proposed to assist doctors in palmar vein puncture.


Palmar vein, venipuncture, image processing, puncture accuracy

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