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Effects of Drought Stress on Growth of Lettuce Seedlings

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DOI: 10.23977/fbb2020.016


Yu Zhang, Qi He, Fangjie Xie and Mengyao Li

Corresponding Author

Mengyao Li


The physiology and biochemical indices include the root length, the root cap ratio, the water content of blade, chlorophyll content, soluble protein content, and soluble sugar content were measured to analyzed the effects of different degrees of drought stress on lettuce seedlings. The data showed that the root length of lettuce increased with the increase of drought stress treatment time, and the drought degree is more serious, the growth of root length and the root cap ratio are more significant. The water content and chlorophyll content of lettuce decreased more obviously the drought duration; the soluble sugar content and soluble protein content of lettuce increased firstly and then decreased, and the more serious the drought was, the greater the effect was.


Lettuce, drought, chlorophyll

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